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Phil Dunlap, Head Instructor AFG

Meet Phil Dunlap

Phil Dunlap is the recognized lineage holder in the Kachin arts. He was trained in the Kachin Fighting Systems by his grandfather William "Wild Bill" O'Shaunessy, who received the lineage from his instructor Duwa Thein Naw (in what is now the area known as Jagun in the Kachin State) while living and fighting side by side with the Jinghpaw people prior to and during WW2. His actions and deeds through these years led him to be proclaimed Jinghpaw. After his passing Phil became designated lineage holder.

Phil, having been raised in this tradition, was expected to fight from an early age. He has fought all over Burma (Myanmar), in Northern Thailand and the United States. Between Lethwei (Burmese Boxing), Thai Boxing, Naban (Submission Grappling) and Thaing (Mixed Martial Art) matches he is a veteran of 114 Professional fights.

Phil was a very active professional fighter between the ages of 16 and 26, fighting constantly until breaking his neck in a terrible car accident just before his 26th birthday. After being told he would never do anything physical again, he rehabbed his body and started the Advanced Fighting Systems and the Asylum Fight Gym to pass on the Kachin Systems of fighting. While training others to fight he decided to prove the doctors wrong and fight again.

In 1998 at the age of 36 he fought again at GSO 3 in a Main Event Super Fight against Pride 2 Veteran Juan Mott. A year later he did a Super Fight Grappling Match against Robert Ferguson at the WSW championships before deciding to retire and focus on training others.

At AFS the Advanced Fighting Systems in Ramsey, NJ we pride ourselves on providing good hard realistic training. The class is run like a traditional Burmese fight gym. Training consists of technique practice, drilling and live sparring. You work with a resisting partner all the time with the goal being that if you can do a move in class you can do it in real life as well.

Some people will be working Standup/Striking while others working Ground/Submission. It depends on the individuals in class. Our Ramsey, NJ students work side by side, helping each other accomplish all of their desired goals, while training here at Advanced Fighting Systems.

Class is very informal. The feeling students get here at Advanced Fighting Systems in Ramsey is like that of a boxing gym or wrestling practice, it's more like a "TEAM" practice rather than a martial arts class. We train hard and have fun.

At our Ramsey, New Jersey Martial Arts facility you will get in better shape. Fighters are the best conditioned athletes in the world and training like one takes your conditioning to the next level. You need the perfect balance of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Here at Advanced Fighting Systems in Ramsey, NJ you will learn to fight for real with techniques you know work when it counts because there is no theory only the test of live practice. The techniques are proven and practiced live and under stress.

There are always people to spar with as someone is always getting ready for some type of competition such as Mixed Martial Arts, Submission Grappling or Muay Thai fights. We do not push competing but support and encourage those that choose to compete as it is a great way to learn about one’s self.

“Hard training requires a lot of physical stamina, but it also builds mental and spiritual strength too. ”

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.”

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